Dental Implants Manchester

Dental implants are a part of cosmetic dentistry which are the perfect solution to replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are made from metal frames that are placed in your jawbone beneath the gums with oral surgery. Once these frames are mounted, they allow your cosmetic dentist to replace or mount teeth that are attached to them.

Dental implants provide perfect stability because they are fused to your jawbone. One of their major benefits is that they provide dentures overdenture dental implants in denton - Dental Implants Manchesterand bridges that  will never shift or slip in your mouth allowing you to have the perfect smile.

Once the dental implant is fused with the bone, it can be used to fix a gap from a missing tooth through a crown or a bridge. They are ideal in supporting loose dentures as well. Cosmetic dentists guarantee that the function of the implants will feel as good as your natural teeth and will last for years to come.

Dental Implant Procedure

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The dental implant process may span several months, varying with the complexity of your situation. In some instances, it could require as few as two distinct steps, contingent on the rate of jawbone healing and its integration with the titanium implant. Before starting, your implant dentist will assess if preliminary steps like tooth extraction or bone grafting are necessary. As part of the specialised field of cosmetic dentistry, your procedure will be conducted by a highly skilled cosmetic dentist, ensuring tailored treatment to meet your specific needs.


Benefits Of Dental Implants

There are two different types of patients. Some patients turn to dental implants as a perfect and necessary solution to fix lost teeth due to gum disease, tooth decays, or any type of dental injury. In these cases, patients don’t have many options and in order to save healthier teeth, they go under dental implant surgery. Other patients simply do not like the way their smile looks.

  • Dental Implants offer a better appearance by looking and feeling as natural as real teeth.
  • Due to being fused in your bone, they offer a permanent solution and are future-proofed against possible tooth loss because of dental disease.
  • Patients who previously wore dentures have stated that implants literally become part of your natural teeth structure and are easy to get used to.
  • Many patients have low self-esteem due to the appearance of their smiles. After dental implant procedure is done, they tend to socialize more and feel more comfortable around people. This is the main reason why dental implants are the best solution for natural-looking teeth.
  • Unlike bridges, dental implants provide better health and hygiene because these implants don’t have a negative impact on your surrounding teeth.

Are dental implants suitable for me?

Oral surgery has its prerequisites just like any normal surgery. There are several things to be considered before a patient goes for a dental implant solution. Here are some things to consider:

  • No previous or current gum disease – Our cosmetic dentist at Dental Implant Plus will tell you that gum disease is one of the main reasons for losing your teeth. Just like your natural teeth, it can cause a high level of rejection and failure in dental implants.
  • Durable jawbone – if your jawbone is not durable, dental implants are not a good solution for you. They need to be fused with the bone in the jaw and it is essential to have a healthy bone. This is why dental implants are ideal for fast solutions to tooth loss. You need to replace it as quickly as possible due to the deterioration of the jawbone after the loss.
  • Being healthy overall – It is extremely important to have good overall health in case of treatment complications. In case of a chronic illness like diabetes and if you have had radiation treatment in the area, then implant surgery is not suitable for you. Smoking has also been proven to have an impact on the healing process.

Missing a single tooth?

Losing a tooth can cause you to lack self-esteem and make you less likely to socialize with the people of your surroundings. You can easily fix that with a dental implant solution in a quick manner. Depending on the condition of your mouth and jawbone, your tooth can be added right after the screw is inserted. Dental implants can be a quick solution to a broken or diseased tooth. The best part is that they will look and feel just like your normal tooth and no one will even notice as the screw is hidden in your jawbone.

Do you have multiple missing teeth?

Many people tend to lose multiple teeth due to an injury or gum disease. A single tooth can be hidden for a while but missing several can be a real burden. Missing multiple teeth can have a negative impact on your social life and can even cause future dental issues if not replaced on time. Dental Implants are once again the better choice of tooth replacement solutions due to the fact that implant screws can support a bridge of up to four teeth in a single row. They are also able to guarantee stability for the life of course if you take good care of your dental hygiene.

Dental implants can be done on the same day in many cases

Dental implants not only restore confidence but also help patients feel happier to reveal their teeth, laugh openly and make the most of social situations. This can make you feel like your old self again and even help you meet new friends or strengthen existing relationships. So why hang around for ages when you can leave our Manchester-based surgery with a beautiful smile and enhanced appearance after just one dental implant placement appointment? Guaranteed to fix your gap on the same day.

Why Choose Dental Implants Plus Manchester?

The highly talented team at Cheadle Village Dental Practice have amassed years of experience as a Manchester-based dentist on dental implant dentists and other, associated cosmetic dentistry services and procedures, including the fitting of dentures, bridges, braces and crowns. In line with other Manchester dental experts, they keep up to date with all news and developments in the field. They invest significantly in equipment, machinery and training to ensure that their knowledge and abilities remain professional and their advanced techniques ensure good dental health for many years to come.

Additionally, it can be daunting to face the prospect of having an implant fitted, as the process can be lengthy, requiring multiple appointments and dental surgery sessions to ensure the implant is installed correctly and that the replacement tooth is a perfect fit. The team are compassionate and friendly, offering a reassuringly professional approach in calm surroundings with excellent after-care support.

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