Six Month Smiles Manchester

What are six month smiles?

Six month smiles treatment is a fast and effective method to straighten your teeth. Fixed braces with discrete wires and brackets are placed against your teeth. It is faster than traditional braces because it focuses on the teeth that need a little bit of straightening out. It is super effective as it can fix any crooked teeth or gaps between them.

Six month smiles treatment-smiling

What are the benefits of six month smiles treatment?

• Fast: You get a perfect smile in just 6 months!
• Discrete: These braces are placed against your teeth and are barely visible
• Effective: It can fix any crooked teeth or teeth with gaps.

Why choose the six month smiles treatment over any others?

These are perfect between aligners and fixed braces. Unlike clear aligners the maintenance is not as much and don’t have to be replaced every two weeks. Also six month smile Manchester treatment can be worn all the time as you do not need to remove them when you eat or drink.

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