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Dental implantology and implant dentists are increasing in popularity amongst patients seeking an aesthetically attractive solution to broken or missing teeth, or discolouring due to decay or periodontal disease. They look and can be treated the same as natural teeth and, with good oral hygiene and meticulous care, they can last for anything up to twenty years. Dental implants in Heald Green are part of a growing area of dentistry that allows patients Dental Implants Heald Green - Heald Green dentiststo regain confidence in their smiles and restore the overall appearance of the mouth, teeth and gums.

As well as filling gaps and straightening neighbouring teeth, dental implants can also help solve the pain in the mouth and jaw caused by an uneven bite and stop other, unaffected teeth from shifting about in the jaw if they are next to a gap or a broken tooth. They can be considered for a single missing tooth or to restore multiple teeth or even a full mouth.

Having a dental implant installed is a fairly lengthy process over a couple of months or longer, but the results are well worth the wait to ensure good dental health in the future. After an initial consultation, measurements are taken to ensure a perfect fit. Then, a small titanium screw is inserted to hold the tooth in place under surgical conditions that normally involve local anaesthetic or IV sedation.

The patient is carefully monitored for a few weeks following this procedure while the bone fuses around the implant to make sure everything heals correctly and that the screw is not causing any pain, discomfort or medical problems for the patient. Finally, the false tooth is crafted and placed in position on top of the implant using permanent fixing adhesive for a secure, long-term fit.

Why Choose Dental Implants Plus in Heald Green?

The highly talented team at Cheadle Village Dental Practice have amassed years of experience as a Manchester-based dentist on dental implant Before dental implants photodentists and other, associated cosmetic dentistry services and procedures, including the fitting of dentures, bridges, braces and crowns. In line with other Heald Green dental experts, they keep up to date with all news and developments in the field. They invest significantly in equipment, machinery and training to ensure that their knowledge and abilities remain professional and their advanced techniques ensure good dental health for many years to come.

Additionally, it can be daunting to face the prospect of having an implant fitted, as the process can be lengthy, After dental implants photorequiring multiple appointments and dental surgery sessions to ensure the implant is installed correctly and that the replacement tooth is a perfect fit. The team are compassionate and friendly, offering a reassuringly professional approach in calm surroundings with excellent after-care support.

What are Dental Implants

The easiest way to explain them is that these implants are screws that are placed on your jawbone to act as a root for your teeth. They can support crowns, bridges or even implant secured dentures. As long as you maintain and care for them, this can be a long-lasting solution for your missing teeth.

Different types of dental implant

Dental implants are normally made from surgically pure titanium, which is fitted into the bone under the gum to replace a natural tooth’s roots. They can be sized and fitted to suit an individual patient’s case. There are three common types of titanium implants used in UK dentistry, which are endosteal, subperiosteal and zygomatic.

Benefits of dental implants.

One of the best benefits is that they look and feel natural. Implants also have no impact on other healthy teeth and will coexist without any problems. These implants also can help preserve the structure of the face and prevent bone shrinking which occurs when teeth are missing. Not only these implants can coexist with natural teeth but they can also prevent them from moving. Below are the different types of dental implants.

Endosteal teeth implants

Endosteal teeth implants are commonly used; however, they require a healthy jawbone for the fusion below the gum line to take place. Shaped like screws, they provide a solid base into which the false tooth is fitted once the implant has fused and the dental surgery required to fit it has fully healed.

Subperiosteal teeth implants

Subperiosteal teeth implants are also regularly used as an alternative type of implant. These rest on top of the bone, but still sit under the gum. They are used in cases where there is insufficient jawbone to have the implant fully fitted or when the patient is too nervous to go through with the oral surgery required. Finally, zygomatic tooth implants are rarer, but still effective and involve the implant is fitted in the patient’s cheekbone.

Cost of Dental Implants in Heald Green.

Dental implants can be quite expensive, with prices starting from £1,800 at Cheadle Village Dental Practice. The good news is, however, that they are designed to last for years and can be treated the same as your other teeth once fitted and healed in full.

The final dental implants cost will depend on many factors, including how many dental implants you need, how complex the restorative work will be, which type of implant you are going for to replace your missing teeth and correct your smile and whether or not you have any other treatments being carried out at or around the same time.

If you have concerns about meeting the whole bill upfront, please let your dentist know as soon as possible, as there may be a range of finance options and plans for qualifying patients that are right for your individual situation and that will make the treatment costs easier to meet.

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